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The Sofia Hotel
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Our Commitment Sofia's green commitment
The Sofia is committed to delivering an exceptional service to its clientele without compromising the local or global environment. Sofia's Management Team has direct responsibility for directing the company's environmental management policy. This ensures that The Sofia grows and develops in a way which protects the environment thus contributing to global and environmental sustainability.
Environmental footprint ecological footprint
Sofia knows that simply using eco-friendly products is not enough. We are constantly searching for new ways to become "greener", through recycling endeavors, reducing and reusing materials whenever possible, alternative energy sources, and supporting companies that have demonstrated a commitment to protecting our planet. Some of our ideas and innovations have been implemented, and others are still in the works.
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An unforgettable experience for any guest lies in the hands of the host. Sofia's graciousness, charm, and attention to detail are everywhere from the fine linens and soothing toiletries, to the ambient bedside light, offering tired guests an opportunity to read or work from the comfort of their bed. Sofia is a sensible hostess who has thought of everything from a laptop safe to a mini-fridge. Her responsiveness and ability to adapt to her guests' needs will resonate with visitors for years to come.

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The Sofia houses 211 modern guest rooms designed to reflect a comfortable, chic feel with natural influences intended to invoke a sense of harmony and balance.   View The Sofia
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